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fsm-music-publishing-media-intellectual-copyrightsFuller Street Music is a professional music services company, an independent CD and mp3 label, and an ASCAP-affiliated publishing company. Please visit our recordings page to see our releases. The entire catalog is available from Apple iTunes, the Amazon Music Store, CDBaby, and streaming on various sites like Yahoo Music, Rhapsody, eMusic, and others. Thanks for visiting our site!

Fuller Street Music and the lessons of the online music business…

compact_discsThe Fuller Street Music label is the home of a number of artists from founder Andy McWain (piano, eletric piano, composer)[here's a link to Andy McWain mp3's online], to Trine featuring Jim Robitaille, Rick Britto, and drummer Chris Poudrier, bassist Albey Balgochian and veteran drummer Laurence Cook, vocalist Sofia Koutsovitis, guitarist Kevin Frenette, and composer/guitarist Kareem Roustom, and others. It’s been an interesting road from the projects with original artwork in multi-panel digipacks, to full-color CD cardboard sleeves, to digital download-only releases.

The interesting progression from our first recording in 2003 to the present is because of the amazing shift in the music industry away from traditional CDs, record stores, and that former entertainment and music business model. For the whole industry the move to online music business is nearly complete, and compact discs are used mostly to get airplay, or to sell at live performances. Once radio stations have ported over their broadcast completely, then the change to digital formats — without physical discs — will be permanent.

One issue is that the iTunes music store, and others, are selling music as mp3s or AACs at a lower resolution than these recordings were originally recorded, mastered, or released. This is a huge problem for serious musicians, and our need for sonic fidelity and accuracy! If you record in a state-of-the-art studio, with great microphones, superb gear, and professional post-production — much of it is lost as soon as it goes on sale on download sites – although it’s getting better.

In many ways the music-buying public has been buying sub-standard product for years — and not complaining. I wonder if Apple or Amazon will ever correct this after the cloud infrastructure can finally handle full audio quality streams, downloads, and purchases for everyone. It matters…